A downloadable game for Windows

Yosh is a top down survival RPG.   It takes place in the wilderness with scarce towns and a handful of people.  Explore the open world and gather resources to forge old fashion armor and swords, modern day fire arms, and futuristic laser beam type crap.  (Also magic because why the heck not). 

>>> CONTROLS <<<

  • Move - WASD
  • Attack - Arrow keys
  • Fish - E
  • Open Inventory - HOLD I
  • [!] Mouse over items in your inventory for more info

Please download the game and give me some good feedback. It really means a lot to me!

Install instructions

Just download and run it (windows only).  If you have windows 8 or higher it will freak out and tell you it can harm your computer (it does this with EVERY unlicensed exe file).  It's a false positive and you can click "more info" then "run anyway".  Please don't comment saying it has a virus because it doesn't.  Feel free to leave feedback!


Yosh_0-4-4.exe 5 MB
Yosh_0-5-2.exe 5 MB
Yosh_0-5-7.exe 5 MB
Yosh_0-6-5.exe 9 MB

Development log