Update 0-5-7

Not  a huge update but decent

  • +large oak trees
  • #hitbox for small oak trees
  • #the world
  • +stuff to the world
  • +a character [George].  He's a nice guy with a temper.  (Don't threaten him.  You were warned!  Oh who am I kidding?  We both know the first thing you're gonna do is find George and threaten him.)
  • +support for wielding swords. (Swing animation implemented but no extra damage right now (pretty much every enemy dies in 1 hit right now because combat is very preliminary so I won't add sword damage until I make enemies that can take it)
  • +preliminary interactions with characters (you can inquire and threaten.  If they're someone like George they won't take kindly to your threats!)

This is the last 0-5 update so expect 0-6 to take a little while (it'll be good).  As always thanks for all the feedback!


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Nov 01, 2017

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